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We work side by side with our clients through executive education and consultancy, sharing the state of the art knowledge of corporate governance, management, ethics, diversity, and leadership with a practical approach.

We offer customized services to our clients, regarding the format and content they need.

Our executive education activities range from short lectures up to days of in-company workshops and strategical retreats off-company (30 hours training).

On our consultancy activities, we provide an independent and multidisciplinary assessment, with exclusive indicators, benchmarks, and internal leaders’ perspectives. This analysis provides us to build exclusive and effective solutions, and we follow its implementation by our clients.


We have the premise that good corporate governance practices and sound management should be fully integrated with a conscious leadership that promotes an ethical culture and inspire the best of people.

For us:

  • Corporate governance constitutes a formal and visible part of organizations: management and corporate structures, interfaces, and policies;
  • Culture represents the informal and invisible part, but equally powerful: how people behave on a daily basis, what is really valued at the company, what are the social norms among executives and employees; and,
  • Leadership reveals how the power is distributed and exercised inside of the organization: what the leaders say, how they behave, which is considered, in fact, important, and what is the profile of those who reach the higher positions.
  • Diversity stimulates the 21st Century organizations to develop the creativity and innovation expected by clients and society, reflects its clients and business partners creating long lasting relationships with the stakeholders, and also makes use of 100% of the talents through its organizational levels.

Corporate governance becomes empty when approached separately from these subjects. It is impossible to untie corporate governance from culture, leadership and diversity.