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We are a top management consultancy with the purpose of supporting our clients to reach long-lasting success in their companies in the 21st Century’s business environment with an holistic approach to corporate governance and management.



Our consultancy is exclusively dedicated to provide knowledge and develop solutions for corporate governance, ethics, diversity and business management. We do not have relationship with economic groups, neither we offer other services such as due diligence and executive recruitment.


Our partners and consultants' network are built by experts in different fields with complementary knowledge. We serve our clients in interdisciplinary groups organized case by case according to their specific needs.


To conceive and perform our services, we consider the singularities of each client, such as ownership structure, industry, size, strategy, objectives, and legal form. As a result, we develop four handed solutions, with no immediate formula, one-size fits-all approach or predefined recommendations.


We have a long-term commitment with the dissemination of good corporate governance practices, management, business ethics, and diversity in order to positively contribute to the social and economic development. For more than a decade, we have been working with the most important Brazilian and international hubs for diffusing the good governance, management, business ethics, and diversity causes.


Our partners are intellectual leaders recognized in their fields. They hold distinguished academic degrees at the best universities in Brazil and abroad, as well as extensive professional experience with dozens of nationals and international companies.



Alexandre Di Miceli, Ph.D.

International speaker, consultant, professor, researcher, and columnist devoted to corporate governance and business ethics since 2000. Dr. Alexandre holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Management and Finance from the University of São Paulo (USP), and Post-Doctorate from Cornell University and Université Catholique de Louvain. Works with the IFC/World Bank in international projects on ethics, governance and gender. Dr. Alexandre served as a professor at the University of São Paulo for ten years and as the Vice-President of the Brazilian Society of Finance. Author of "The Virtuous Barrel: How to Transform Corporate Scandals into Good Businesses via Behavioral Ethics", "Business Ethics: Management and Corporate Governance Practices for the 21st Century", “Corporate Governance in Brazil and in the World” (finalist of the Jabuti award in 2010) and “Corporate Governance: the Essential for Leaders”.

Angela Donaggio, Ph.D.

Consultant, lawyer, professor, and researcher devoted to corporate governance, compliance, risk management and diversity since 2006. She has a Ph.D. in Corporate Law at University of Sao Paulo, was Visiting Researcher at Harvard Law School and Visiting Scholar at Cornell Law School. She has a master's degree in Business Law at Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV). Angela is a Professor of FGV, FACAMP, and FECAP. She is also the author of “Corporate Governance and New Market: Investors' protection and flaws of regulation and self-regulation” (Saraiva, 2012).



Our purpose is to build customized solutions enabling our clients to continuously enhance their governance model and ethic culture, in order to achieve their long-term goals.


Direzione adds to its clients an inner, independent, structured, and multidisciplinary agendas of reflection about the their corporate governance vis-a-vis the so called "best practices", benchmarks, and the perspectives of their internal leaders.

The systemic consideration of the multiple dimensions involved result in exclusive and effective solutions for each case.


Direzione was created by its founders' conviction that a multidisciplinary, independent, and integrated approach was the most needed to apply on subjects of corporate governance and business ethics.

This confirmation was the result of the founders' knowledge combined with their experience working on dozens of projects implementing and enhancing corporate governance practices in national and international in which they performed professionally before the constitution of Direzione.


The best corporate governance practices and a sound management should be fully integrated into a conscious leadership that promotes am ethical culture and inspires the best of people.